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Shake Up Your Family Tree

For many years I had suspected something wasn’t “quite right” with my family, even though I would often speak well of my family and can recall fond childhood memories. While...Read more

Rhythms, Order and Pace

Life is picking back up. Employees are going back to work, school started (probably online), kids sports are (mostly) back and the world's massive slow down will come to an...Read more

Do I Need Counseling?

When I meet with new clients, one of my first questions is “What brings you to counseling at this time in your life?” Or to put it simply, “Why seek...Read more

Shame and Redemption

One of the most pervasive yet underrecognized issues that I witness in my therapy practice is shame. It is common for people to use the words “guilt” and “shame” interchangeably....Read more

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