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Do I Need Counseling?

When I meet with new clients, one of my first questions is “What brings you to counseling at this time in your life?” Or to put it simply, “Why seek...Read more

Shame and Redemption

One of the most pervasive yet underrecognized issues that I witness in my therapy practice is shame. It is common for people to use the words “guilt” and “shame” interchangeably....Read more

Do You Know Your Needs?

In 1943, American Psychologist Abraham Maslow released a paper called “A Theory of Human Motivation,” a groundbreaking work that exposed others to his thoughts about human needs.

Referred to...Read more

Befriending Your Body

Many of us experience much difficulty knowing and communicating to others what is going on inside ourselves. In more extreme cases, this is called alexithymia. This is...Read more

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