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The Song of Songs

Healthy sexuality. Typically this phrase causes concern with most Christians. Modern science claims that anything goes for sexuality as long as you don't hurt anybody, however clearly the line of...Read more

Diving Deep

How often do you show up to a body of water and take the initial plunge by diving into the deep end? What if you encountered a bunch of filth,...Read more

All Things New

This past December my family and I saw Andrew Peterson on his Behold the Lamb of God tour. Andrew Peterson is a story-teller, singer/song-writer, author, and truth-teller. In between songs...Read more

A Christian Take On EMDR

Among the most surprising discoveries in the field of pyschotherapy in recent years has been EMDR (Eye Movement Densensitization and Reprocessing). The name has been a bit of a misnoer...Read more

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Inside Jokes

My brother calls me Michelle (he pronounces it Mee-chelle). We once knew someone named Mike Limbskull (not a real person). He says the word 'snuffles' and I know...Read more

Loss We Hesitate to Talk About

October is Pregnancy and Infant Loss Awareness month. One in four women experience pregnancy loss. Pregnancy and infant loss include miscarriage, ectopic pregnancy, stillbirth, SIDS, infant death, etc....Read more

Biological Rudeness

Have you ever had a conversation with a friend and you overreact to something they say and you’re not sure why? Or have you been in the middle...Read more

Open to Life: Hope in Every Season

As we cycle, again, through the Church season of Lent and now enjoy 50 days of Easter celebration, I reflect on the ways that God is always offering...Read more

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