Your generosity can change lives.

The Center for Healing Foundation is a Non-Profit, 501C3 whose donations are used for clients and families who cannot fully afford therapy or workshops.  Over the last 6 years, the Center for Healing has received hundreds of calls from clients inquiring about counseling services.   About 25% of those calls requested some sort of financial assistance in the form of a sliding scale, insurance or other means of support.

The issues that the Center has had to refer due to a lack of financial means include a post-natal mother struggling with post-partum depression, with suicidal thoughts; a young man fighting sexual addiction; a couple in which infidelity has caused an acute situation.  With your support, the Foundation can now make it possible for us to serve these people in need.

The Center believes that clients should always have some 'skin in the game,' so to speak.  Thus, a client will pay around 0.1% of their gross income per session.  For example, if a father of 4 makes $50K per year, the client will pay $50 per session and the Foundation will supplement the remaining.

Here is how your money can benefit clients in need of healing:

Can help a single mother with about 2 sessions per month to help with anxiety.

Helps provide a couple in crisis about 4 sessions a month.

Supports a family in conflict for 10 sessions of family therapy.

Can support a man to attend the My House Workshop and work towards healing for a year worth of therapy.

One Time Donation