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From Our Clients

Micahel Ciaccio provides insightful, patient, and loving counseling to develop a path toward inner healing, growth in confidence, and a hopeful vision toward sometimes difficult relationships. This work takes time, repeated visits, and a dedication to work through the difficulties. It can be sometimes challenging to remember the past. It can be healing too.   

- Paul Bauer

From Our Clients

I had met Chris Ellman before but he remains a very engaging and thoughtful to work with. Although it sounds trite, he is a good listener, which is paramount in his line of work. He does not try to shove ideas down your throat, he listens to your story, assesses it and then gives you his honest evaluation. It seems to me that this is the way it's supposed to go, I appreciate that kind of interaction and care.

- Mike Park

From Our Clients

I've been going since 2012 on a regular basis Mike has helped me through so much it's unreal. Death of friends and family, divorce, and being diagnosed with stage 4 cancer. I can honestly say Mike helped me through all of it and is the reason I kept my sanity. I have a lot of respect for Mike and actually look up to him in many ways. He is genuine, professional, and sympathetic. This isn't a job to him he loves what he does and it shows.

- Anthony

From Our Clients

Felt right at home instantly. So blessed! Everything about the process made me feel welcomed and removed the stress of starting therapy. Abbey was extremely welcoming and set me right at ease. Thank you! 

- R.K.

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Michael and Abbey's caseloads are full at this time and are not able to schedule new clients. Feel free to book a session with one of our other qualified therapists.  Sorry for any inconvenience.  Thanks!