Restoring Emotional Wholeness

It Doesn't Have to Be This Way.

The Restoring Emotional Wholeness Workshop is for wives who are experiencing betrayal trauma. The term 'betrayal trauma' is coined for a wife who is in a relationship with a sexual addict or who has been betrayed by her husband's pornography usage and/or sexual acting out. Remember: this is not your fault! You cannot fix, manage or control his addiction. But there is another path toward healing...

When trust is broken at the core of a marriage, a wife will need individual support along with the safe environment of a community. This workshop will foster and nurture a space where wives can be heard, explore their needs and understand the impact of his infidelity. The intensive will give practical ways to move forward, heal and come out of loneliness. The education and small group discussion are led by top Christian experts including Dr Todd Bowman, Associate Professor of Counseling at Indiana Wesleyan University and adjunct faculty for the SATP at Mid America Nazarene University and Christine Presley MS, LMFT.


The Details

Sexual Addiction Induced Trauma (SAIT or Betrayal Trauma) includes several symptoms that are too burdonsome for a wife to carry by herself. A few of them include:

Discovery trauma: finding the remnants of his sexual addiction on your own.

Disclosure trauma: the details given by the husband to the wife, which can be partial truths or dribble disclosure over months or years.

Hypervigilance: an 'on-guard' state including triggers that send a wife's body into emotional shock, anger or shut down.

Intrusive memories: dreams or thoughts of the infidelity on anniversary dates or by a certain look on his face.

Click here to read more about SAIT.

A wife has been compromised spiritually, psychologically and bodily from an addict's deceptive, compartmentalized behaviors. His defensiveness, avoiding and manipulating over the years may have her feeling like she is 'crazy.'  Wives often feel like something is wrong with their identity, that she is at fault somehow or she isn't good enough. These behaviors by the husband are called gaslighting, one of the many tools an addict uses to keep his secrets.

If you are experiencing symptoms such as these, this workshop will help jump start your journey toward healing for your mind, emotions and body: a wholistic approach towards putting the pieces together. There are answers to this suffering you are experiencing. It will take time and commitment. Remember, you are worth it...

The workshop is located at the King Conference Center in Kansas City, MO close to Brookside and about 30 minutes from the airport.  If you are flying into KCI, please schedule your flight for the night before the workshop. As for your departure, please schedule your flight for at least two hours after the end of the workshop. You can use Uber or a taxi to and from the airport.

The fee for the 3 day intensive is $1199. This includes lodging, breakfast and lunch for the two nights and three days. It also includes snacks and all the materials. Dinner will include a short drive to Brookside which will be paid for by the participant. Brookside is a shopping district with neighborhood feel restaurants, a safe place for connecting. The purpose of this is to build community, enjoy a nice meal together and foster relationship.

Media devices will be limited during the workshop. They will be collected and safely stored during the day and returned in the evenings. We strongly recommend that you limit contact these evening hours to urgent circumstances. The purpose of this is so you can focus on your healing, your personal circumstances and God.

Bring clothes for three days, personal toiletries, medicine and any other essentials you’ll need. The dress code is casual. Bring a Bible, a journal, or personal devotional materials if you would like. We’ll provide the Restoring Emotional Wholeness workbook, paper and pen.




Please call the Center to find resources to start your healing journey.



King Conference Center
6404 Woodland Ave 
Kansas City, MO 64131