My House Workshop

If you've had enough, there is hope!

Only 2 spots left for the February workshop!

The My House Workshop for Men is a 3-day confidential, intensive for men striving to overcome and heal from unwanted sexual behaviors.  It is geared to maximize your investment of time and money, as it will enhance the work you might have started or jump start your journey towards healing.

The intensive includes a whole person approach from modern neuroscience to the emotional and spiritual underpinnings of compulsive sexual behaviors.  The education and small group discussion are led by top Catholic and Christian experts including Dr. Todd Bowman, Associate Professor of Counseling at Indiana Wesleyan University and adjunct faculty for the SATP at Mid America Nazarene University, Fr. Sean Kilcawley, international speaker on Theology of the Body and a Pastor in the Diocese of Lincoln, NE, and Michael Ciaccio MS, LPC, SATP, founder of the Center for Healing LLC and therapist for the Missouri My House Initiative.

Fr Sean Kilcawley

Masculinity & Healing | Fr. Sean Kilcawley

Carol the Coach Interviews Michael Ciaccio about the My House Workshop

My House Intensive

1090 Catholic Radio Bit with Michael Ciaccio: What is the My House Workshop?

This is a premier Catholic/Christian approach which not only addresses the acting out behaviors and tools to stop them, it includes cutting-edge neuroscience and a spiritual foundation to restore a healthy sexuality.  The psychological lens uncovers wounds and thought patterns that drive the behavior.  In this way, the whole person is tended to.  Mass/service and confession (for non-Catholics as well) are made available to heal mind, body and soul.  A pastor and/or priest will be present during the entire workshop.  With God as the healer and the workshop as the conduit, emotional and spiritual growth are built into the program.  Here is a glimpse of the schedule:

Day 1

  • Understanding Sexually Addictive Behavior
  • Sexual History
  • Spiritual Underpinnings
  • Neurobiology of Addiction
  • Attachment and Recovery 
  • Managing Triggers

Day 2

  • Group Work
  • Sexual Addiction and Trauma
  • Psychology and Spirituality: Recovery

Day 3

  • Understanding Betrayal Trauma
  • Spousal Perspectives on Recovery
  • Spiritual Transformation
  • Nuts and Bolts of Sustainable Sobriety

This workshop is for men struggling with sexual behaviors they are having trouble stopping.

There is a continuum for this struggle ranging from sexual addiction (a term often misunderstood) to acting out behaviors such as pornography use.  Other behaviors might include masturbation, sexual encounters, affairs or a variety of fetish behaviors. For instance, have you noticed any of the following: an increase in usage or acting out behaviors, finding yourself thinking about sex and having trouble stopping, watching pornography but conflicted with the internal battle of wanting to turn it off or you find yourself in the midst of losing your marriage and/or job...if so, this workshop is for you. Within a confidential, supportive group environment, the small group leaders and the men in the group provide a safe environment within which to work through these issues, heal and find freedom.  

The workshop is located in Kansas City, KS at the Savior Pastoral Center.  The fee includes room and board for Thursday through Saturday.  If you are flying into KCI, please come Wednesday evening with a flight arrival no later than 10pm and you can use Uber or a taxi for transportation to the retreat house, which is only about 20 miles from the airport.  You can spend the night at Savior Pastoral Center for an extra fee of $50 for room and board.  As for your flight home, since the workshop ends at 4 pm Saturday, please schedule your flight for after 6 pm.  You also have the option to stay the night on Saturday for the fee of $50.   

Please note that our fee is more affordable than other similar Christian intensives around the country.  We do offer a discount for priests, seminarians and missionaries.  Scholarships are possibly available, thus contact Michael Ciaccio with further questions about the fees.  

Media devices will be limited during the workshop.  We ask that you leave your phone turned off, in your room.  The purpose of this is so you can focus on your healing, your personal circumstances and God.  

Bring clothes for three days, personal toiletries, medicine and any other essentials you’ll need.  Towels are provided.  There is a workout facility.  The dress code is casual. Bring a Bible, a journal, or personal devotional materials if you would like. We’ll provide the Reclaiming Sexual Wholeness workbook, paper and pen.

Please fill out the following forms:

Hold Harmless Agreement

Participant Information Form

Confidentiality Statement

Please scan and email to [email protected]


Mail to: 

Center for Healing
20 W 9th St. Ste. 601
Kansas City, MO 64105

WOW!  Went places I never could have imagined. Seems like 8-9 months of therapy in 3 days.  Will be unpacking and pondering all that I was exposed to here for months and apply some things for the rest of my life.  Came in with no hope leaving with new found hope and light."

It helps you dive into your past to understand why you are acting out and what needs resolved.  It's informative and very experiential.  It gives you a lot of practical tools.

An intensive time to help you understand how you got to where you are, time to dig into and reflect on that, and then look at ways to move forward.

It will help you take things apart so that they can be reassembled the way they should be.”

Gives great tools in your toolbox for recovery.

This is the most powerful spiritual connecting retreat that hits to the inner core of our individual selves.”

Outstanding workshop, leader's expertise and diversity; really helpful and well integrated to our needs."  

I am not alone - I am one of many struggling - I now have a sense of the importance of community."

Fulfilling, hopeful, effective, grounded, professional, grace-filled, skillful, sincere.”

Enlightening, hopeful, excited to heal!!

 The facility and accommodations were great.  Was very apprehensive at first but turned out far beyond expectations.”

Great integration of intellectual / spiritual.”

It far exceeded my expectations in both difficulty and benefit.”

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Only 2 spots left!

February 22, 2024 7am
February 24, 2024 3pm


Savior Pastoral Center
12601 Parallel Pkwy 
Kansas City, KS 66109

Future Workshop Dates

May 16-18, 2024
August 8-10, 2024
November 14-16, 2024