Intake Forms

For individuals and couples, please fill out the following intake forms:

  • For Abbey's clients, please only fill out 'Abbey's Intake Paperwork.'
  • For all others:
    • Informed Consent 
      • Please choose your therapist's personalized informed consent.
    • Center for Healing Assessment
    • Social History 

For couples, in addition to the above forms, please fill out the following:

  • Experiences in Close Relationship
  • Dyadic Adjustment Scale

These will give us a picture of where you are and help us develop a collaborative treatment plan.  


For men struggling with pornography

Click on the link below to fill out a 10-minute assessment that will help you see the extent of the problem.  You will then receive a score ranging on a continuum from 1-7 along with practical tips for moving forward.  You may enter your therapist's email address at the end of the assessment to have it sent to him/her.  This assessment was developed by Dr. Kevin Skinner.