Supervision and Consultation

We all need guidance along the way.  Being in supervision myself (Michael Ciaccio) even after I received my full licensure, I have benefited greatly from mentors and supervisors over the past years.  Thus, it's time to give back!  Check out the options below and click on which one suites you best...

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Supervision for Licensure

Looking to work from your Provisional License to your full License in the state of Missouri? Michael is a LPC and supervisor willing to walk that journey with you.  What about a Licensed Master's Social Worker?  Chris is a licensed Social Worker in the state of MO and can help you obtain your Clinical License (LCSW). Whether that's by joining our team and supervision being included in the package or you're working at another practice, Michael and Chris will give you an integrated lens to guide and support you to foster healing for your clients.


Maybe you are already fully licensed but stuck on that hard client or needing direction with a specific therapy modality. Michael and Chris are well versed in topics of sexual addiction, Internal Family Systems, EMDR, integrating healthy spirituality, narcissistic wounding, family of origin issues, among other populations and theories.

Business Consultation

Michael started the Center for Healing in 2013 and it has grown to 6 counselors over the years. His understanding of business principles, creative marketing (BA in Marketing) and sustained growth is written within his own practice. Whether you are just starting a private practice or aiming to grow, Michael has the experience.