Story and Philosophy

Integration and transformation.  These words have been a spiritual guide and psychological foundation for my life and the work I love. 

From the St. Lawrence Center at the University of Kansas to my clinical studies at Divine Mercy University in Washington DC, I have been fascinated by the balance between the spiritual and mental life within the human person.  My time with the Apostles of the Interior Life in Rome, Italy and the year of formation in the seminary at the University of St. Mary of the Lake at Mundeleine, IL set the tone for my philosophical and theological mindset.  I was then blessed to find my true calling to clinical psychology and studied at Divine Mercy University, Avila University in Kansas City, MO and Mid-American Nazarene University in Olathe, KS.  

In 2012, while working at Ozanam Home for Boys and Girls and encouraged by my supervisor, I 'hung my shingle' on and started a part time private practice. I discovered that people are hungry for human formation, a deeper healing of wounds and sound Christian principles.  Emotion became a key component of my practice as clients told me stories from the past where they were stuck and traumatized.

Out of this personal story, the Center for Healing was founded in 2014 when I left Ozanam and set up office at the Chancery in downtown Kansas City, MO.  It has been growing steadily ever since.  Over the last few years, four additional therapists have joined the Center who have like minded views about the human person, sexuality, emotion and theology.  

There is a law, a blue print woven into the fabric of this world and within man.  We want to help you restore hope that God, out of love, created that law, loves us deeply as a Father and wants our healing.  At the Center for Healing, we understand the dynamics behind distressed marriages, individuals struggling to cope, loneliness and addiction (a term often misunderstood). “Behind every unhealthy behavior, is a healthy desire” - Dr Todd Frye.  When trauma hits, a mental illness paralyzes or addiction is overbearing, research-based, sound clinical therapy is how the Center for Healing wants to meet you where you are in life, even if it's in the trenches. 


Michael Ciaccio MS, LPC, SATP
Founder and Director