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The Center is devoted to restore relationships, heal those suffering from addiction, undo loneliness and find peace and rest in the midst of life. We look to protect, validate and comfort our clients who are distressed or struggle with emotional and/or relational problems. Our philosophy is based on sound Christian principles, research-based therapy, aspects of neurology:
a holistic approach to heal the person. 

Your Story Matters.

We address and heal the three prongs of attachment wounds, sexual brokenness and trauma through
an experiential, spiritual and relational lens.

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The Think Tank

Felt right at home instantly. So blessed! Everything about the process made me feel welcomed and removed the stress of starting therapy. Abbey was extremely welcoming and set me right at ease. Thank you!


After working with Michael through childhood wounds and the patterns and behaviors that stemmed from them, I am not who I was. I have grown in confidence, self-value, and gentleness with both myself and others... I am so grateful for the freedom and permission to discover the best and most authentic version of myself.


Michael is a blessing in my life. He is an answer to prayer. He is a dedicated, knowledgeable, Catholic psychologist. He gives careful, considerate counseling and has been an enormous blessing to me and my family. I highly recommend Michael.

Catholic Wife & Mother

The Think Tank

Parents, Your Teens Need You More Than You Know

A Critical Piece in Addressing Rising Teen Sadness and Hopelessness
April 2, 2023

The last fifteen years has seen an alarming rise in adolescent sadness and suicidality, particularly in girls. According to a recent CDC report, teens girls now face the highest levels of sexual violence, sadness...Read more

It's Not What You Think: The Nuclear Family - Part I

April 2, 2023

The nuclear family was a mistake. Bold introduction, I know.

The model of the modern-day nuclear family seems to strike directly against God’s heart, vision, mission, and purpose for family. I think you...Read more

Finding the Balance

April 2, 2023

Red light - Green light, Red rover, Four Square, Kick the can - These were all games my parents' generation played growing up. My dad and his neighborhood friends went home when the street...Read more